Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do hamsters drink water?

Hamsters drink water?

This is a often asked question and the answers found on the web are different, which is confusing for a beginner. Some say yes, others no because they extract water from succulent food. What is truth?

As usual, the truth lies somewhere in between. Hamsters are small animals adapted to life in a dry climate, and therefore they really can withdraw the necessary amount of water in aqueous vegetables (like cucumber) without feeling the negative effects. On the other hand, excessive consumption of vegetables and some fruits can cause diarrhea or skin problems and allergies. In contrast, very few vegetables provide necessary fluids.

For this reason, it is compulsory to install a waterer in his cage. The Hamster should have a permanent source of fresh water that he can reach. But even if it seems that he never drinks, it can be deceiving. Remember that the hamster's activity is at night. But you can check by observing the water level; it will certainly fall every day. In fact, all animals need water to survive. You can find it removes toxins from the body and revitalizes cells. The amount required for a hamster is 10 milliliters of water a day, 100 grams body weight (that means between 10 and 30 ml daily).

If hamsters did not receive the portion of water every day, dehydration occurs, they lose weight and eventually die. Drinking too little water is a cause of infertility in hamsters. On the other hand, if the hamster drinks a larger amount of water, it can be a sign of a disease, such as diabetes.

The best solution for a water supply tank is plastic drinkers and pipe metal, so that it won't be nibbled. The pipe is usually inside two metal balls, which acts as a valve to prevent uncontrolled flow of water. In the absence of drinkers, you can improvise a bowl, with the disadvantage that the water gets dirty quickly because of all the chips. In addition, it may fall over.

It is important that water does not contain chlorine in excess. Water should be changed daily to prevent bacterial growth. Drinkers should be washed once a month or more frequently. A hamster needs only a waterer, but some breeders have two: one with plain water and one with water and dissolved vitamins. Hamster decides which drink, after the body's needs.

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