Sunday, April 8, 2012

Raising a hamster

     If you intend to raise a hamster, there are some important things that you have to know about their needs. Food, water, the cage and the way you treat it matter very much when it comes down to it's wellbeing.

Make sure it's fresh and healthy! (best are fruit, vegetables and cereals). Try to avoid feeding it chocolate or products rich in sugar. Give them hard dog biscuits as well, so that they can chew and avoid growing long teeth.

The water bottle must be placed low enough that even the smallest hamster can reach it. Make sure it doesn't leak in the cage, because these small animals aren't allowed to bathe. Water can wash away natural oil on the fur and the hamster can get pneumony.

The cage must be big enough so that it gives the hamster enough room for different activities and the bars close enough to prevent it from escaping. You can make a "bed" of poplar chips.

Hamsters need lots of activities to remain healthy fizically, as well as mentally. Since they love to dig holes and tunnels, make sure to put tubes in their cage. In particular ,Dwarf hamsters need a lot of activity toys. Massive hamster wheels are highly recommended, but make sure their steps are close, so they don't hurt the feet of the hamster.

Be gentle but firm when you pick it up. Keep it carefully, but slightly tight, so it doesn't struggle or slip and fall. Be careful, especially with dwarf hamsters because they are extremely active and fast.

It is also important not to squeeze too hard, because you could hurt some nerves or internal organs. It is recommended not to leave small children keep hamsters in their arms, especially without adult supervision because children do notd evelop motor skills until after five years and can unintentionally hurt the fragile animals. 

If the hamster gets sick or hurt, make sure you take him to a veterinarian who specializes in treating small animals. You could ask advice from the staff of the shop where you bought the hamster. Do this in advance so that if ill, you don't waste time searching then a doctor. 

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