Monday, April 9, 2012

Winter White Hamsters - feeding and care

Campbell hamsters are sweet and cute creatures, who spend most of the time playing. Although nocturnal, they are famous for bursts of energy during the day. They are clean animals and unlike Syrian hamsters they are quite social and can be kept in pairs or colonies....

 Colonies are ideally made from young hamsters, to be used together from the start. The ideal combination is one male and several females.

Campbell Hamster's sight is very weak and is therefore not advisable to take them by surprise when you want to approach them and take them in your hands because if it gets scared, it might bite you. Before you approach them try to talking, to enable them to recognize you and not interpret you as an aggressor. Because of this slightly aggressive behavior and their very small size,  Campbell Hamsters are not suitable for children or beginners. Campbell Hamster's smell is still very developed, and they mark their territory using specially adapted glands.

Campbell Hamsters reach sexual maturity at the age of 5 weeks. The gestation period is 18-21 days, and it result usually in 4-6 chicks and the females can mate again immediately after birth. Unlike Syrian hamsters, the male Campbell H
amster plays an active role in the birth of the offspring, helping to wash them and making sure the mother has enough food. Also, male offspring may guard the nest when the female leaves. Campbell hamsters should not breed with other species of hamsters!

Their diet in nature consists of various grains, seeds and vegetables. In captivity their food is similar to other species.

Taking care of the Campbell Hamster is similar to how you would treat other species of hamsters. But you must take great care in arranging the cage, because they are very small and can "escape" very easy. Ideally, choose an aquarium instead of a cage with bars.

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