Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taming a hamster

Even if the hamster can't be trained to do all sorts of tricks, you can tame itso that it becomes an affectionate and cuddly companion. 

Also, some hamsters will soften quickly, others are more difficult, which is otherwise valid with any other animal. However, to tame hamsters you will need patience, kindness, time and dedication, and the animal should not be punished in any way

If you want to be successful in his training, it's best to be aware that each hamster has its own personality, just like people.
If you buy from a hamster breeder it's more likely that the animal has already been used to manipulations and thus may be easier to tame. But with patience and affection you can manage to get close to any hamster, be it a youngling or an adult who was not accustomed to frequent contact with people.

Here are the steps I must follow if you want to tame hamster:

1. After purchasing your hamster give it 1-2 days to accommodate the new "home". Then, for a few days spend more time around its cage, speaking softly so that it gets used to your voice.Never attempt to touch or make sudden movements near the hamster because that will scare it. Also, put the hamster cage in a quiet room, free of noise. During this time, leave the hamster inside the cage.

2. After the animal gets used to the new environment and also with your presence, try and give it a little treat through the bars of the cage. You can use a sliced ​​raisin, sunflower seeds or bits of dried fruit. Remember to limit yourself to small amounts! If at first, he refuses to come near, let the treat in the cage, the hamster will soon learn that you bring it food and become more courageous. Ideal is to sit down beside the animal cage so that it will not perceive you as a threat. Do not make sudden movements but talk softly and calmly.

3. If you managed to get them to come get the treat from you hand, it means that your hamster got used to it and now you can try to open the cage door and put your hand inside. So, put your hand in the cage and wait for the animal to approach. Hamsters are very curious and will eventually close in. Do not move your hand! Give it time to come to you, do not push! Be patient and eventually it will overcome fear and will come to inspect your hand and eat a snack.

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